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Getting Started with Grovara

To get started with Grovara, follow the steps below.


Registration #

Join the Grovara Network of Brands

      1. Begin by registering an account on the signup page.
      2. Complete the registration application by signing the Terms of Service (Download and view the Grovara Terms of Service here).
      3. Once the registration application is submitted the Grovara Brands Team will review the application and verify the request by email within 2 – 3 business days.

Once the application to the Grovara Network has been approved, the Grovara Brands Team will send an email to begin the onboarding process.

Grovara does not guarantee a Brand’s approval but encourages Brands to apply if they are a food and beverage Brand and have the willingness and ability (particularly the ability to procure the necessary documentation) to sell internationally.

Onboarding Process #

The Grovara Brand Onboarding Process is designed to efficiently make Brands eligible to export immediately and to position Brands for optimal Buyer discovery and engagement. During the onboarding process Brands will create a Brand profile page, upload products to the marketplace and provide essential documents and information.

NOTE: All documents must be in PDF format and all images must be in PNG or JPG format, unless otherwise stated.

Essential Documents and Information #

The Grovara Brands Team will reach out and request the following content that will be submitted to the Grovara team via email.

Brand and Product Content

Brand and Product Information
Brands will be required to fill out and submit the following forms.

Export Documentation

Claims Documents
Documents supporting any product claims, such as:

Each country has highly unique and variable import documentation requirements. It is likely that at the time of a sale a Brand will be required to provide additional documents as required by the Buyer’s country of import. View a list of additional documents that Brands may be required to provide here.

More information on documentation and formatting

Create Brand Profile #

After receiving notification that the account has been approved Brands will be able to access their account and create a Brand Profile.

Instructions on how to create a Brand Profile
Brand Profile Content Parameters

Upload Products #

After receiving notification that the account has been approved Brands will be able to access their account and upload products to the Grovara Marketplace.

Instructions on how to update products in the Grovara Marketplace
Information on how to calculate Pricing and Margins (i.e. Case Cost vs Case Price)

Banking Information #

During the onboarding process, part of what is requested (via the Manufacturer Form) is the Brand’s accounts receivable information so that Grovara is able to make payments to them via for purchase orders.

Go Global! #

After the Brand Profile is created, onboarding is complete and the Brand is ready to go global!

Once onboarding is complete, the expert Grovara Sales Team will reach out to qualified Buyers to promote the Brand and products. Buyers will be able to discover the products on the Grovara Marketplace. Buyers may reach out to Brands directly through the Direct Messenger Hub so be sure to keep message notifications turned on.

The First Sale #

Prior to the first sale a Buyer will reach out to a Grovara Sales Representative to learn more about the products and negotiate pricing. Buyers will submit an order via the marketplace, which notifies the Brand of the purchase order. The Grovara team will work with the Buyer to arrange shipment and logistics and will collect any additional documentation requests. The team will then contact the Brand directly to arrange pick up of the product from the Brand’s facilities.

TIP: Anticipate the Unexpected – Export documentation varies by country and can even vary year-to-year, month-to-month, etc. As a part of the Grovara Network, Brands will have full access to the Grovara team of experts in international export management, who will guide them through the information Brands will need to provide as requests arrive.

Learn more about the steps in the Grovara Order Process
Payment Terms
Export Documentation
Product Management

After the First Sale #

A sale is considered complete when a Buyer closes the purchase order after having received the shipment. Brands can view their sales metrics through the analytics application on the Grovara Platform.

TIP – The Brands with the best sales results view their messages and update their profile and product information regularly. Buyers are always looking!

Platform Order Statuses


Start Here #

Information on Managing a Brand Account