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SPINS is a wellness-focused data technology company. It is the leading provider of retail consumer insights and analytics reporting in the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Products Industry. SPINS supplies Grovara with essential US market data to provide customers with insights driven information on industry driving brands.


What It Is #

Grovara has an exclusive international partnership with SPINS, through which Grovara obtains consumer analytics data.

For each brand on the marketplace, Grovara provides SPINS data on the brand’s Year-Over-Year sales, Year-Over-Year growth dollars, and category ranking. Grovara updates this data quarterly.

NOTE: If a brand falls within more than one category, the category with the highest sales is referenced for the category rank and the brand’s gross sales is referenced for the YOY sales.

How To Use It #

The SPINS data is used by buyers to obtain market insights and gain a richer understanding of a brand.




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