International Importers & Distributors of Food Products

Are you tired of traveling thousands of miles to introduce your brand to international importers and distributors of food products? Between long flights and restless nights on top of uncomfortable beds, traveling overseas can take a lot out of you. Even if you remain in the US to interact with international importers and distributors at trade shows, you spend considerable time and money just getting your organic food products recognized.

Another way of meeting international importers of food and beverage products involves going through brokers that have established connections with overseas markets. The problem with this business model is that your brand has to interact with several brokers to reach different consumer markets that demand better-for-you products. This also is a costly and time-consuming approach to generating revenue from overseas sources.

What if we told you there is a much better way to connect your organic food brand with global distributors by registering to join an eCommerce platform?

Introducing the Grovara Way

Until 2010, the traditional paradigm of working through brokers and attending international trade shows represented the only way exporters of natural food products from the USA met global importers and distributors. In 2010, Grovara introduced a groundbreaking eCommerce platform that has dramatically changed how the importers and exporters of wellness products do business.

The Grovara eCommerce platform allows organic food brands from the US to log in and immediately start conversations with international distributors. Our export specialists meticulously vets every international importer and distributor who wants to join the Grovara eCommerce community. This means you can expect to conduct business with the most reputable importers worldwide. Since you no longer have to spend considerable time and money researching potential trade partners, your company can optimize the extra time by implementing additional digital marketing strategies or developing new shipping routes to achieve maximum productivity.

Grovara has recruited dozens of brands to join our eCommerce platform that offers hundreds of better-for-you products that reach what can be difficult overseas markets to reach. Here is a few examples of the highly-rated natural food and beverage brands that have joined the Grovara eCommerce platform.

More Than a Matchmaking Service

Although our revolutionary eCommerce platform matches the buyers and sellers of organic food products, Grovara also offers several tools to help our US exporters increase sales in overseas markets. One of the most popular tools offered by Grovara is called Pallet Builder, which helps your company organize pallets for shipping by inputting data such as height, weight, and food safety criteria. You can expect to receive notifications that help you plan shipping routes to avoid the supply chain disruptions that have plagued the world economy since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Grovara gives you real-time access to SPINS Analytics, which keeps your company on top of the latest insights provided by the United States Department of Agriculture. You also receive current global trend reports that inform you about the economic conditions of overseas markets worldwide.

Grovara reminds our partners that we give you the keys to the car, but it is up to you to drive it the way you want. In other words, we provide you with the tools to succeed, but Grovara is a self-service platform where achieving success is up to our partners.

Get Started Today

Grovara has made the traditional way of conducting business overseas with the international importers and distributors of food products obsolete. Discover how the Grovara way can help your organic brand meet international importers and distributors of food products by submitting the online Contact form or by calling 215-207-0967.