How to Find An Organic Food Distributor

The digital revolution has opened more doors than ever before for the American sellers of organic food products. A few clicks of a keyboard connects your better-for-you brand with a distributor located halfway around the world. What if we told you that your natural food company could interact with global distributors from one convenient eCommerce platform.

Since 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has offered a unique eCommerce platform that brings together the buyers and sellers of wellness food and beverage products. Instead of spending a day or two at a physical trade show, you can spend just a few minutes processing organic food orders from a proprietary digital platform that acts as a virtual trade show.

Our revolutionary approach to the import-export industry helps your healthy food brand streamline and manage a workflow that you have to monitor manually. When you onboard with Grovara, you manage and streamline your company’s workflow by accessing advanced digital technology tools.

How to Prepare to Become an Exporter of Natural Food Products

Maximizing the benefits offered by the Grovara eCommerce platform can help your better-for-you brand increase revenue by opening international markets. However, before you onboard to gain access to the Grovara eCommerce platform, you must prepare for the life of an organic food exporter.

First, conduct extensive research on the competitors in the global markets that your brand wants to enter. You must verify that there is a strong enough demand to invest in the infrastructure required to enter a new international market. Second, make sure your packaging presents the type of image you want your organic food brand to convey. In addition to presenting the right image, you also want to find a balance in your pricing strategy that returns a healthy profit margin without alienating your customers.

Before you conduct business with a global distributor, you have to understand the cultural differences between the United States and the target market where you want to grow sales. The most critical element of culture for doing business concerns sharing similar business values. Finally, make sure your organic food company can absorb the costs of logistics and the tariffs required in the country where you want to do business.

How the Grovara Way Helps Healthy Food Brands

The Grovara way includes providing organic food and beverage brands with a more convenient way to conduct business with international distributors. Our eCommerce platform streamlines every step of the import-export process, from helping natural food buyers discover new products and marketing the latest products offered by American sellers. You process orders, verify payments, and ensure the accuracy of fulfillment contracts from one location.

Our team of import-export experts analyzes the international organic food and beverage market to determine where you can find the most profitable business opportunities. In addition, you receive advice on the types of distributors you should contact to conduct business. Through our eCommerce platform, you complete transactions in real-time after receiving the confirmation of a processed order.

Grovara works with many of the most popular organic food and beverage brands globally.

We also have committed to expanding our operations in Mexico and a few strategically important countries in Latin America. During the pandemic year of 2021, Grovara achieved growth of 75 percent in the global organic food and beverage marketplace, with 40 percent of the growth coming from healthy food distributors and retailers located in Mexico and Latin America.

Learn more about how the Grovara way can help you find an organic food distributor and boost sales by calling us at 215-207-0967 or submitting a short online form.