Access International Organic Distributors

Are you thinking about exporting your organic and natural food and beverage products and looking for access to international distributors? Grovara simplifies exporting, and we are adding carefully curated brands to our global marketplace every day.

Who is Grovara?

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Grovara was founded in 2010 to provide American wellness product manufacturers and international wholesale buyers with a way to connect directly and seamlessly through a B2B e-commerce marketplace platform.

Grovara is not like a traditional export broker or distributor. Instead, we have developed an easy-to-use platform that streamlines the entire process from product discovery and order processing to payments and fulfillment, all in a single marketplace.

Our online wholesale marketplace is a virtual trade show, with dozens of available brands and thousands of vetted retailers and distributors connecting every day to conduct business seamlessly and confidently.

We offer brands in various trending categories, including plant-based, paleo/keto, clean sweeteners/flavorings, and functional beverages. Some of the fantastic better-for-you brands that currently make up our plant-based food “aisle” include:

From product discovery to order processing, payments, and fulfillment, we are reshaping the buying experience, making it easier for B2B buyers and brands to do business.

Start with a Global Brand Potential Analysis

At Grovara, we continuously study international trends, brand viability and assess global opportunities.

Trend Assessment:

  • Grovara has a partnership with SPINS, the leading U.S. provider of consumer insights and analytics for the natural and organic products industries
  • We help global buyers identify growth trends and quickly assess the potential of your brand and products for their markets.

Buyer Network Survey:

  • We help you connect with the locals. Our team has spent over eight years identifying more than 5,000 global buyers.
  • What better way to gauge interest, collect valuable feedback, and sample your products?

Competitive Analysis:

  • We help you scan and analyze the competitive landscape for your products – globally. Grovara enables you to uncover the right opportunities in markets that are right for you.

Logistics Review:

  • As we start narrowing down international markets that are “ripe” for your products, Grovara will begin to assess logistical needs or hurdles you may face entering these markets. They could range from access to nearby ports to the use of climate-controlled containers.


  • At Grovara, we aim to get you started quickly. We help you navigate the complexities of market-specific product registration. Our process allows you to curate and standardize product information with ease – so that your brand can become and stay export-ready. You will find that product registration documentation is streamlined, verified, and authenticated for quick in-country registration and customs clearance compliance.

Get Introduced to the World

Grovara is revolutionizing how brands go global. Reach out to us for more information about gaining access to international organic distributors for your natural and organic products. You can learn more about our market-leading processes by visiting our website. Contact us online to schedule a demo, or call us at (215) 207-0967.