Can Imported Gluten-Free Foods Be Trusted?

With many consumers requesting gluten-free foods, American sellers of healthy food products have experienced a steady rise in sales. Although the market in the United States remains virtually untapped, American sellers of gluten-free food and beverage products have the opportunity to expand their operations to overseas markets such as Japan and Australia. In addition, international consumers have embraced gluten-free food and beverage products because of the weight loss and enhanced energy level benefits.

The question for global importers is, can imported gluten-free foods be trusted? The answer is a resounding yes when it comes to buying from American brands that offer gluten-free food and beverage products.

Is It Really Gluten-Free?

The language used to label gluten-free food and beverage products can confuse consumers. For example, organic food and beverage producers use terms such as “gluten-friendly” and “grain-free” to indicate the absence of gluten in their products. Nonetheless, claiming not to add grains like rye and wheat does not mean a food or beverage product does not become cross-contaminated because of exposure to other food and beverage products that contain gluten.

Determining whether a food product contains gluten involves looking for the proper certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Global buyers of better-for-you food and beverage products should at least see an FDA gluten-free label on any food product that claims to be gluten-free. Gluten-free certifications issued by the FDA go to food and beverage producers that meet the FDA’s 20 ppm maximum threshold for gluten. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) has established a stricter gluten threshold at 10 ppm.

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