Grovara’s Customizable, Automated Sell Sheets Enable Buyers To Make More-Informed Purchase Decisions Faster

Sell sheets are a key tool for buyers and brands that build trust and enable informed decision-making. They are essentially advertisements for products that brands hope trigger a purchase in the hands of a prospective buyer. The sell sheet contains the most important initial product information that buyers can quickly review to determine whether they want to purchase. It’s almost like a scannable menu without the overload of every product or product attribute found in bulky product catalogs.

In export/import, accurate and accessible sell sheets can be even more important, considering most buyers and sellers won’t ever meet face-to-face early in the buying process.

Grovara has rolled out a new feature that enables buyers to easily build their own customizable sell sheets to make purchasing decisions. Grovara’s Sell Sheets solution makes the process entirely self-directed, efficient and automated, saving buyers – and brands – time and expense. 

Grovara’s Sell Sheets In Four Easy Steps

  1. Buyers can visit product pages on the Grovara Marketplace and add as many products from as many brands as they wish.
  2. Buyers access the sell sheet by clicking “View” once the products are added, or also “View Sell Sheet” in the left-hand navigation of their dashboard.
  3. Once buyers have built a sell sheet they like, they click “Download PDF.”
  4. Buyers can remove individual products or click “Remove All” to start from a blank slate to create a new sell sheet.

The downloaded PDF includes clickable links that direct buyers to product pages on the Grovara Marketplace, where they can access other key information about the product and brand. According to a recent survey, 45% of global B2B food and beverage buyers said they often find that product information is incorrect when making purchases. Via Grovara’s Sell Sheets, buyers are one click away from vetted and export-ready brands, product specs, label information, and more:

  • Product Image
  • Name and brief description of brand and product
  • HTS Code
  • Item Price
  • Case Price
  • Cases Per Layer
  • Shelf Life
  • Lead Time

Buyers can completely customize their sell sheet from the Grovara catalog and produce as many as they want. The functionality is built into each product page, which makes it easy to add to a sell sheet. One in three buyers are frustrated with functional elements when purchasing via ecommerce channels, like visibility of product features, making Grovara’s sell sheets and the rest of its first-to-market EXIM Platform and Marketplace essential for smart purchasing.