Increasing Health Concerns Keep Probiotics Market Growth Climbing

Plant-based and keto might be at the top of the wellness charts, but probiotics are making a gutsy play for growth.

The Global Probiotic Beverages Market Research Report, released last week, is predicting 8% annual growth through 2026. The report attributes the growth to the “increasing number of digestive issues among millennials, rising consumption of probiotic yogurt to decrease inflammation, and the burgeoning inclination toward instant and ready-to-drink beverages.”

GT’s Kombucha, the world’s No. 1 kombucha that established the category more than 25 years ago, is available in dozens of varieties and flavors on Grovara’s online marketplace for better-for-you American food and beverage brands, and is helping drive that growth along with many other probiotic players.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria in foods and supplements, and it has long been known that they aid in digestion and maintaining gut health. Probiotics are powerful stuff — a recent study found that probiotic-rich yogurt can protect against microbiome changes for those taking antibiotics, helping stave off antibiotic-associated diarrhea. They play well with prebiotics, which are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

Of course, beverages aren’t the only way to get your probiotics. The broader Probiotics Market Analysis Report from August indicates 7.2% annual growth through 2028. Grovara’s online marketplace currently boasts more than 40 probiotics/prebiotics products, including:


Brad’s Plant-Based

Plant-based snacks in delicious, convenient options.

-Brad’s Raw Chips: Crunch Kale Original Probiotic


Cleveland Kitchen

World-class culinary fermented foods for all.

-Cleveland Kraut: Roasted Garlic or Kitchen Curry


GT’s Kombucha

Authentic Kombucha, organic, raw & unfiltered with live cultures inside and billions of living probiotics that aid digestion and support overall health and wellness.

-Aqua Kefir: Coconut Lime, Peach Pineapple, or Pomegranate 

-Classic Kombucha: Ginger, Multi-Green, Original, or Third Eye Chai

-Classic Synergy Kombucha: Divine Grape, Gingerberry, Raspberry Rush, Superfruits, or Triology

-Synergy Kombucha Cosmic: Cranberry, Gingerberry, Guava Goddess, Trilogy or Watermelon

-Enlightened Kombucha: Hibiscus Ginger, Gingerade, Multi-Green, Original, or Tantric Turmeric


Mamma Chia

Organic plant-based superfoods and beverages with chia that provide vitality, energy and strength.

-Organic Chia Prebiotic Squeeze: Blueberry Acai or Strawberry Lemonade 


That’s It

The No. 1 probiotic snack bar offers allergy-free fruit bars with only two ingredients and 2 billion active cultures each.

-Probiotic Fruit Bar: Blueberry, Mango, Fig, or Banana


Uplift Food Inc.

The world’s first functional food brand focused exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of prebiotic, gut-healthy foods.

-Gut Happy Cookies: Salted Almond Butter w/Vanilla + Hemp, Sunflower Butter w/Vanilla + Chia, Salted Peanut Butter w/Chocolate + Coconut