Putting in the Work So We Can All Reap the Rewards

Grovara Network Partners:

Before Uber, AirBnB, and Venmo were the household names they are today, Abu and I were sitting in a Philadelphia Whole Foods in 2012, surrounded by popular organic and natural products asking, “What prevents these delicious, beautiful, premium American-made wellness brands from being sold overseas?”

The first step was proving that there was even a market for these products in other countries. At the time, less than 3% of all U.S. manufacturers were even exporting! After a few Skype calls and some diligence, we realized that over 1 billion global citizens had joined (or were about to join) the ranks of the “middle-class.”  These individuals now had purchasing-power, disposable income, and for the first time — an insatiable demand and ability to afford affordable luxuries.  Growth estimates for the global wellness market showed extreme upwards velocity.

Ok, so there’s a market. How do we tap into international trade?

We reverse-engineered the process by reaching out to government agents at the embassies, logistics groups, retail buyers, distributors, fulfillment centers, brokers, and of course American brand owners.  We spent countless hours diligently teaching ourselves how to export. Early-on, we gambled on a few brands, who also were placing their trust in us to execute. We won a lot and also failed often; tenaciously pushing the boulder up the mountain.  Within a few months, we finally had proof of concept that global citizens, whether or not they agree with U.S. social policies, prefer to buy American-made wellness brands over other nations’ brands

Today we have identified 5,000-plus unique buyers in more than 60 countries, opening thousands of doors and endless aisles of retail shelves all looking for our trending, high-velocity, and better-for-you options.  Grovara has partnered with SPINS, IX-ONE, Stripe, Reason Media (Destini Locators), and multiple other industry leaders to become thought leaders in modern wellness exporting.

I have had an op-ed on trade published in Forbes, consulted for a 2020 U.S. Presidential candidate, and testified before State Senators and City Council members to help influence legislation to promote the sales of American brands, create jobs here at home, and repatriate American dollars from overseas markets.

This is only the beginning.

I am excited to announce our first-to-market B2B Global Marketplace and E-Commerce Trading Technology Platform.  What Alibaba did to bring Chinese manufacturers’ goods to the world, Grovara has created to bring American made brands overseas. We are proud to launch with the U.S. made wellness verticals covering natural foods, beverages, and beauty.

Over the next few months we will be turning over the credentials to your accounts, allowing you to have full visibility of your global expansion.  If you would like to have a demo to review your materials and profile, please let us know and we’ll get one.

We have 25 brands on-boarded for launch and dozens more in the pipeline. All have been specifically targeted and curated for our introductory catalog. There is nothing else like it in the space.

Please make sure your IX-ONE accounts are all up-to-date – they will act as the initial datasets to pre-populate your profiles. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, we are all ears.

After nearly a decade of hard work and risk, there has never been a better time for us and our brands to #GoGlobal.