Find International Buyers & Partners for Food & Beverage Distribution

Your American organic food brand wants to expand its presence in overseas markets, but you are having difficulty identifying the right target markets to increase sales. But, how do you find international buyers and partners for food and beverage distribution? Finding the right buyers and partners to sell your Better-for-You food products has become much more difficult because of the trade restrictions imposed by governments to fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic and other international health scares. The answer is thinking outside the conventional business model.

In 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara established a new method for connecting American natural food brands with global buyers and partners. We leverage accurate data and proprietary technology to connect American healthy food brands with companies with in-depth knowledge of the international markets where they conduct business. Instead of going through a broker to reach an overseas market, you log in to our one-of-a-kind eCommerce platform to start conversations with international companies you otherwise would never have met.

Hundreds of companies conduct business with international buyers of natural food and beverage products. Here are a few American organic food brands that have joined the Grovara eCommerce platform.

  • Big Spoon Roasters
  • Grace’s Goodness Organics
  • GT’s Living Foods
  • Mikey’s LLC
  • Milkadamia
  • SkinnyMe Chocolate
  • SuckerPunch Gourmet, Inc.

How to Find the Right International Buyer

When evaluating many overseas buyers and distributors of organic food and beverage products, what should you consider?

You want to partner with a company that understands the culture that defines an international target market. How you sell to consumers in Spain differs from the strategies that help your American organic food brand connect with the culture that defines the Vietnamese market. Second, knowing the custom and tariff policies of a global market helps your American Better-for-You food brand gain quicker access to international consumers. Grovara provides keen insight into the rules and regulations that American natural food brands must know to enter a new international market without experiencing delays.

Supply chain disruptions are always a concern for American healthy food and beverage brands. We help American organic food brands avoid distribution delays by identifying the ports and trade lanes that slow down the distribution process. However, the bottlenecks that define the current trade environment require the support of a highly advanced digital technology platform such as the one offered by Grovara.

Start Conversations with Trade Partners Today

Grovara puts every American organic food brand through an onboarding process that provides them with all the tools they need to simplify exporting Better-for-You food and beverage products. In fewer than 30 days, you acquire the knowledge you need to start conversations with international buyers and partners from one convenient eCommerce platform.

Our onboarding process is free to carefully vetted American organic food and beverage brands. Our comprehensive end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model provides your company with step-by-step instructions on maximizing sales while minimizing the costs associated with doing business overseas.

The traditional model of going through a broker to find international buyers and partners for food and beverage distribution has become obsolete because of the Grovara eCommerce platform. Learn how to start conversations with multiple international buyers by calling our headquarters at 215-207-0967 or submitting a short online contact form.