Grovara Adds Leading Brands From Mexico To Its Exports and Imports Wholesale Marketplace

Grovara, the exports and imports wholesale Marketplace for consumer brands, is now selling brands from Mexico as part of its curated catalog of leading better-for-you CPG products. Grovara is the only B2B online Marketplace in which brands from multiple countries can distribute internationally to more than 50 countries.

“The addition of brands from Mexico, a nation so strong in agriculture, food production and distribution, represents a milestone achievement driven by an incredibly strong, talented and close-knit team on the ground across the country and region,” says Grovara Co-Founder and CEO Abu Kamara. “It also makes us the first truly global-to-global Platform and Marketplace.”

Mexico is already the seventh-largest agricultural exporter in the world, and its leading food manufacturers are among the most respected anywhere. The new brands from Mexico on the Grovara Marketplace feature some of the country’s most popular and well-known food makers including: 

4Buddies – The company’s extraordinary health snacks are made with natural ingredients and are gluten-free with no added sugars, preservatives or trans fats. With highly developed flavor profiles, 4Buddies has created a devoted following.

Chipoys – A fast-emerging brand growing with effective marketing and bold snack flavors geared toward younger consumers.

IAmaranth – Company makes a wide array of amazing healthy snacks and it works directly with a community of local farmers, helping support local communities.

IAmaranth at Grovara Food Week in Dubai.

IAmaranth presented to buyers at Grovara Food Week at Dubai Global Connect.

Kante – Makers of the healthiest cooking oil consumers can add to their diet, Kante’s high quality and gourmet products are formulated for international palates and health-conscious shoppers.

San Miguel Foods – Committed to its land, countryside and people, this vertically integrated family-owned firm specializing in farming, manufacturing and sales and distribution has produced authentic, quality and natural Mexican products for more than 50 years.

Chipoys has previously exported to multiple countries, but saw an opportunity to utilize Grovara’s first-to-market, data-driven export/import Platform to streamline international distribution with document and supply chain management and in-country marketing and logistics support.

“No one has the combination of a North American-based staff with global relationships the way Grovara does,” says Michael Berro, CEO at TVG Products, maker of Chipoys. “We get to deal with people that are local, understand our business, and can help get Chipoys into dozens of countries that we would not even know how to approach.”

All of the brands from Mexico have received orders from distributors in the Middle East. Shared traits among the new brands is owning and operating their own manufacturing facilities, confidence exporting to major markets like the U.S., and the ability to deliver large volumes to major distributors around the world. 

“These brands already know the process of exporting and they know the standards involved,” says Grovara Global Brand Manager Lorena Colin. “Their purchasing power enables them to mitigate supply chain disruptions, and all these factors together make it easier for retailers to trust those brands.”

Leaders from San Miguel, 4Buddies and IAmaranth attended Grovara Food Week in December in Dubai for Grovara’s reinvention of the trade show. Grovara matched 150 buyers with 16 of its brands by curating the smaller-format, three-day interactive event, shepherding dozens of deals and millions in potential one-year business.

“The Middle East has always been an attractive market for us,” says Jesus Nuñez, Founder of Miraestels Foods, the maker of 4 Buddies. “With Grovara, exports have become much easier and we are hoping to enter new markets that we could not reach by ourselves.”

“Because of their brand and buyer development, sales and marketing, logistics and compliance, and of course technology, we trust we can succeed in the business opportunities they bring us.”

4Buddies at Grovara Food Week in Dubai.

4Buddies meets retailers at Grovara Food Week at Dubai Global Connect.