GT’s Debut in London a Smashing Success, Sells Out at Planet Organic in Only Two Weeks with Whole Foods Up Next

This was a surprise, even for the Kombucha King.

Just two weeks since making its British debut on the shelves in Planet Organic stores across London, GT’s Kombucha has sold out.

That comes two weeks earlier than anticipated, signaling that British fervor for fermented beverages has risen to a fever pitch.

All 204 cases of GT’s products at Planet Organics have sold, with GT’s Aqua Kefir the first individual product to sell out. GT’s partnership with Philadelphia-based wellness exporter Grovara has Planet Organic with a full month of exclusivity for GT’s products in London. With new product already being shipped overseas for Planet Organic to reload, Whole Foods is up next for GT’s. 

Grovara CEO Peter Groverman and President Abu Kamara said their company is in talks with Costco UK for distribution of GT’s starting in 2020.