Healthy Brands for the U.S. To Import

Whether you are a new international buyer of organic food products or an established import business looking to enter new markets, Grovara is here to help you discover new sellers of healthy food and beverage products.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, Grovara has revolutionized the import-export industry since opening its doors more than a decade ago. We process data and maximize the benefits of advanced proprietary technology to match the right global buyer of better-for-you food and beverage products with sellers located in the United States.

The foundation of our advanced proprietary technology is an eCommerce platform that acts as a virtual trade show. When you attend a physical trade show, you and your import representatives have to stop by dozens of booths to speak with the sellers of organic food products. When you onboard to gain access to the Grovara eCommerce platform, every one of the sellers of natural food products that we have vetted is ready to start a conversation with your import brand from one convenient location.

Since we founded Grovara back in 2010, we have attracted the most popular wellness brands to gain access to our wildly popular eCommerce platform.

Taking Care of Logistics and Order Fulfillment

The standard way to purchase American organic food and beverage products involves interacting with a broker who takes an order by phone or email. The broker then manually builds a pallet of healthy food products. When you interact with a broker, you can expect plenty of back and forth communication that concerns pricing and how the buyer wants the seller to create the manual pallet.

Working with a broker minimizes the buyer’s flexibility in ordering organic American food and beverage products. But, then, you have to deal with the high risk of processing overseas payments. Grovara has streamlined the ordering process by providing buyers with access to our Pallet Builder tool, which operates on a complicated algorithm that considers factors such as prices, heights, weights, ingredients, and temperatures. Based on the data collected from IX-One, Grovara has emerged as the leading product data and image capturing company.

Grow the Grovara Way

The Grovara way of connecting international buyers with the American sellers of organic food products has caught on in Mexico and throughout Latin America. For example, during the height of the pandemic in 2021, Grovara increased sales in Mexico and Latin America by more than 40 percent. Because of an increase in sales, Grovara opened more offices that required the hiring of several new team members. As a result, Grovara customers looking to expand operations in Mexico and across Latin America have found the right business partner in Grovara.

“The growth in demand for natural and organic products in Mexico has created a flurry of interest from leading retailers on our platform that stretches across LATAM,” said Grovara’s Eugenia Schlitter. “We’ve been able to deliver the best products and the best margins to retailers in a single solution that saves them time and headaches.”

If you are a global buyer of natural food and beverage products, learn more about how the Grovara eCommerce platform can help your company increase sales by meeting new American sellers. Submit the online form or call us at 215-207-0967.