How To Access International Distributors

For more than a decade, the overseas demand for American organic food and beverage products has skyrocketed. Despite the sales hiccup caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, demand remains strong for the better-for-you products offered by brands located in the US. Therefore, if you represent a natural food brand in the USA, the question is not whether you should penetrate global markets. Instead, the question should be, how to gain access to international distributors operating in international markets such as Cairo, Egypt, and Mumbai, India?

The traditional way of gaining access to international distributors of healthy food and beverage products involved interacting with brokers. Working with brokers can introduce your brand to distributors, but the process takes a long time because you have to deal with individual brokers to meet different international distributors. Another costly and time-consuming way to get introduced to the buyers of organic food and beverage products requires at least a weeklong commitment to attend a trade show located halfway around the world

Grovara has introduced a much better way that helps your company learn how to access international distributors.

Grovara Has Changed the Way Exporters Do Business Overseas

What if we told you that your wellness brand in the US no longer has to deal with individual brokers and attend global trade shows that take you away from your family for up to 10 days?

In 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara introduced a revolutionary eCommerce platform that dramatically changed how organic food brands in the USA conduct business with international distributors. By logging on to the Grovara eCommerce platform, you get the opportunity to start conversations in real-time with exporters. You acquire the digital tools to introduce your brand to one distributor, send a product sample to a second distributor, and confirm an order with a third distributor within minutes of each other.

When you register to join the Grovara eCommerce platform, you immediately start the onboarding process, which takes fewer than 30 days to complete. During the time it takes you to attend three global trade shows, your better-for-you brand located in the USA obtains every digital tool you need to increase sales of your organic food and beverage products in overseas markets.

Grovara has recruited hundreds of wellness brands to sign up for our eCommerce platform. Here is a short list of some of our high-profile companies:

Arrowhead Mills

Drink Monday Inc.

Kate’s Real Food



More Than Just a Matchmaker

Getting introduced to and starting conversations with international distributors is one of the benefits of joining the Grovara eCommerce platform. Not only do you connect with importers that you might not have met otherwise, but your company also can process orders, complete sales transactions, and confirm fulfillment requests all on the same business day. What once was a process that took weeks to complete can now be completed within 24 hours.

However, Grovara is much more than a matchmaker between the exporters and importers of natural food and beverage products. We set our partners up for success by educating them about the customs policies and the tariff charges levied by each country where they want to do business. Instead of conducting time-consuming research that uncovers information that might be outdated, Grovara provides you with all the information you need not only to meet international distributors but also to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the countries where distributors sell your organic food and beverage products.

Discover how to access international distributors with the tools available from the Grovara eCommerce platform by calling our headquarters at 215-207-0967 or submitting the short online form.