Organic & Natural Food Distributors in Mexico

Some of the most lucrative markets for better-for-you brands in the US are located closest to home. Although our friends to the north offer a rich market for organic food and beverage products, Mexico has emerged as one of the USA’s most profitable markets for natural food and beverage brands. One of the most significant advantages of tapping into the Mexican natural food and beverage market is the streamlined logistical requirements that simplify doing business. However, doing business with organic and natural food distributors in Mexico does require better-for-you brands in the US to follow a series of steps.

This is one of many ways that Grovara can help your wellness brand in the USA penetrate the Mexican market for healthy food and beverage products. Our trade specialists have an in-depth understanding of the requirements established by the Mexican government for exporting organic foods and beverages. We help your company jump over every regulator hurdle and define the most efficient ports of entry, whether they are located on the Pacific Ocean side or the Caribbean Sea side of Mexico. Grovara also recommends the most efficient land routes to travel, starting in the far eastern city of Matamoros to the far western city of Tijuana.

What Makes Grovara Different from Other Exporters?

The standard way to meet organic and natural food distributors in Mexico involves interacting with several different brokers to reach several other consumer markets. This takes considerable time; if it involves attending trade shows in Mexico, it also involves a significant amount of time and money. Grovara does not foster the development of a traditional broker-exporter relationship. Instead of meeting with individual brokers, you log on to an advanced eCommerce platform where you can start conversations with multiple potential partners operating out of Mexico.

After you register your brand, it does not take long for your company to meet Mexican distributors. In fewer than 30 days, the free Grovara onboarding program gets you up to speed with our proprietary eCommerce platform. After completing the comprehensive onboarding process, you gain access to resources that help your wellness brand from the US discover the Mexican markets that generate the most demand for the types of organic food and beverage products offered by your company. As a result, you no longer have to play the guessing game when finding strong demand for your better-for-you products.

Here are five of the hundreds of healthy food and beverage brands from the USA registered for the Grovara eCommerce platform:

Annabelle Candy Company

Daiya Foods Inc.

Lemon Perfect

Poppin Cobs

Symphony Chips

Start Conversations with Mexican Partners

In addition to providing your company with valuable logistical support, Grovara also gives you access to digital tools that help you build trade relationships with Mexican distributors of your natural food and beverage products. For example, after starting a conversation with a Mexican partner, you can process an order, finalize a sales transaction, and ensure the accuracy of a fulfillment request, all on the same business day. You can even send out samples for every potential partner to experience the high quality of your products.

One of the examples of the power of the Grovara eCommerce platform took place in 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While our competitors struggled to maintain international sales, Grovara increased sales by more than 75 percent in the global marketplace. More than half of the increase in overseas business came from Latin American countries, with Mexico driving substantial growth generated by our Latin American partners.

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