If You Build It, They Will Export: Grovara’s Pallet Builder Technology is Industry First For B2B E-commerce

Make no mistake, it is the data and technology behind Grovara’s proprietary platform that is the secret sauce in Grovara’s disruption of exporting in the wellness space. With data partners like SPINS and IX-ONE, Grovara has built technology that is unlike anything else in B2B today.

For our users who are pushing the buttons in the first-ever international e-commerce marketplace for wellness food, beverage, and nutraceuticals products, most interfaces will be reminiscent of the convenient and instinctive features common among the most popular B2C e-commerce sites. But the thing that gets the 5,000 vetted global buyers using Grovara’s e-commerce platform so excited to place big orders is the Pallet Builder.

Traditionally, purchases of American wellness products would go through a broker, who takes the order from an overseas buyer via email message or phone, then manually “builds” a pallet of cases of a singular product or adds them on another pallet stocked with who knows what.

There’s a better way, and only Grovara has it.

Data Drives Our International Trade

Grovara’s Pallet Builder is driven by algorithms that account for products’ pricing, heights, weights, dimensions, ingredients, temperature, expiration dates, and more. Much of this data comes from IX-ONE, the food & beverage industry leader in product data and image capture. From the comfort of a familiar dashboard, buyers can see onscreen in real-time whether they’ve hit the minimum or maximum volume for an order and even view the pallet type, like Heat TreatedAmbient Wood for Wholesome Sweeteners fair trade and non-GMO cane sugar or Chilled Wood for refrigerated GT’s Kombucha. Buyers also have unprecedented flexibility in placing an order:

  • They can order by layer, pallet or sample and view total cases ordered and price changes in real time.
  • Purchase multiple products (SKUs) or even multiple brands in the same order.
  • Order a best-selling pallet for which Grovara, powered by SPINS industry data, is doing the merchandising.
  • Secure and fast payment via Stripe.

Meanwhile, for those placing their orders through a broker, there’s more back-and-forth regarding pricing and pallet setup, less flexibility in ordering options, and the well-known risks of overseas payment transactions.

Grovara’s Pallet Builder is changing how exporting gets done because of the flexibility, speed, and reliability with which it operates and as Grovara scales it will one day soon be building entire containers for the very best American brands. Our technology will only get smarter as we continue to export different types of products to new places, and that will mean even bigger things for the global wellness market in the years to come.