Importing American Wellness Products From USA

If you own or manage an overseas importing business, you should consider gaining access to American organic wellness brands. The question is not should you do business with Better-for-You brands that call the USA home. Instead, the question for your company is determining how to start conversations with American natural food brands that offer products that match the demand generated by your customers.

The traditional way to meet the representatives from American organic food and beverage brands used to involve going through brokers or attending trade shows hosted in the United States. Going through brokers requires your company to interact with a different broker whenever you want to purchase a different healthy food and beverage product. Attending several trade shows consumes plenty of your time, but flying back and forth has become costly because of the rapidly rising fuel costs.

At Grovara, we have developed a better way for your company to start conversations with the most popular Better-for-You food and beverage brands in the United States.

Welcome to the Grovara Way

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has developed a revolutionary eCommerce platform that brings together both the buyers and sellers of organic food and beverage products. Instead of traveling thousands of miles each year to start conversations with American companies that sell food and beverage wellness products, you log into our eCommerce platform to introduce your import company to hundreds of the highest-rated natural food and beverage brands.

Onboarding starts by registering to join the Grovara eCommerce platform. After registering your international import company, you spend no more than 30 days learning how to maximize the benefits of the Grovara way of buying American organic food and beverage products. Onboarding introduces you to several digital tools that help your company navigate the often-complex rules and regulations the federal government and each state government have established concerning international trade issues.

Why Should Your Company Import American Healthy Food Products?

Consumers understand the nutritional and environmental value of eating Better-for-You food products. Many estimates have the organic food market generating more than $500 billion in sales by 2028. With a compound growth rate of 20 percent, entering the natural food and beverage market is good business.

The Grovara eCommerce platform has attracted hundreds of companies that offer a highly diverse lineup of the types of products consumers demand in your target markets. However, why should you tap into the American market for the sellers of Better-for-You food and beverages when there might be sellers located much closer to your target market. One compelling reason to buy American is the wide variety of products offered by exporters that sell natural food and beverage products.

Another important reason to turn to Grovara for your import needs is that when you buy American organic food and beverage products, you receive products that undergo the most extensive vetting by any other government in the world. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) applies the strictest standards for labeling organic foods and beverages. This means your company gains access to products that exceed the quality standards established by any other government.

Start Meeting American Sellers Today

Grovara’s wildly popular eCommerce platform ensures every buyer who registers will be set up for success. Our one-stop platform helps your import company increase sales while at the same time freeing up more of your time to build relationships with the consumers located in your target markets. Imagine being able to start conversations with American brands on the same day that your company processes orders, verifies transactions, and ensures accurate fulfillments with the same American wellness products. Contact us today by calling 215-207-0967 or by submitting the convenient online form.