International Directory of Organic Food Distributors

How would you like to access an international directory of organic food distributors from one convenient location? You no longer have to work with individual brokers to reach different global markets. Using information unique to your brand, you log into a revolutionary eCommerce platform containing a comprehensive international directory of overseas distributors. Say goodbye to costly brokers and say hello to the Grovara eCommerce Platform.

The Grovara eCommerce platform acts as a virtual trade show. Unlike a live trade show, you do not have to travel hundreds of miles to introduce your American health food brand to distributors from all over the world. With energy prices putting a damper on economic growth, being able to do business from your home office saves your company money. In 2010, Grovara embarked on a journey that, more than ten years later, has propelled our company to the top of the list for matching American Better-for-You food and beverage brands with the international distributors of natural food and beverage products.

The Grovara eCommerce platform represents a one-stop search mission for international distributors of organic food products that match your criteria for conducting business.

What Are the Benefits of Accessing the Grovara Directory of International Distributors?

As a seller of Better-for-You food products, you must navigate through a complex set of rules to get your product on the shelves inside an overseas market. Our distributor vetting service allows your company to spend more time developing long-term partnerships with overseas distributors. In addition to vetting international distributors of natural food and beverage products, we help American brands find the right matches for their food and beverage products.

Take Control of Distributing Your Food Products

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted the supply chain, especially for American organic food brands in international markets. Gaining access to the Grovara directory of organic food distributors also includes receiving vital information that helps your brand learn about the customs and tariffs imposed by different companies. You also gain insight into the rules and regulations other countries apply to international trade.

Understand Your Target Markets

Selling organic food products abroad requires a deep understanding of various international target markets. For example, consumers in Brazil do not have as much demand for organic coffee as those in a country such as Qatar, where they do not have access to organic coffee products. At Grovara, we help American healthy food and beverage brands discover what they need to know about each market they plan to enter.

Onboarding is Easy

In fewer than 30 days, your American organic food brand can access the multiple benefits of using the Grovara eCommerce platform to meet the international distributors of organic food and beverage products. The free onboarding process provides information about simplifying exporting to other countries by following the proper international trade protocols. Starting conversations with global food and beverage distributors has never been this easy.

Our strength during a time of crisis has validated our revolutionary eCommerce platform. In 2021 at the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, international sales of organic food and beverage products abruptly halted for virtually every company. Grovara grew global sales by 75 percent in 2021, with about half of the overseas sales coming from the Latin American market.

Get started exploring Grovara’s international directory of food and beverage distributors today by submitting the short online form or by calling 215-207-0967.