Importing Natural/Organic Food & Beverage Products From USA to UK

If you have considered importing natural, organic food and beverage products from the USA to the UK, now is the time to build long-lasting relationships with American organic food and beverage brands.

The numbers set the foundation to tell an incredible story about the strong demand for global organic food and beverage products. When we reach the end of 2028, the worldwide sales of Better-for-You food and beverage products are expected to exceed $500 billion, with much of the growth in sales coming from American brands. Between 2022 and the end of 2026, the compound average growth in natural food and beverage product sales is expected to increase by more than 12 percent. Once again, the strong growth in sales is expected to be driven by American healthy food and beverage brands.

Introducing the Grovara eCommerce Platform

The trend towards eating and drinking healthier products has transformed the international market, as more international consumers have become aware of the health and environmental benefits of eating organic foods. American brands dominate the healthy food and beverage market for several reasons, and companies from the USA are expected to remain ahead of the curve for years to come. As a buyer of wellness products for UK consumers, understanding how to develop relationships with American brands is a highly effective strategy for increasing sales and profit margins.

At Philadelphia-based Grovara, our one-of-a-kind eCommerce platform brings together the buyers and sellers of natural food and beverage products. With hundreds of American brands signed up to access our proprietary database, your UK-based company can start conversations with healthy food and beverage brands after an onboarding period that takes fewer than 30 days. You no longer have to deal with international brokers or attend trade shows thousands of miles away from the UK.

Everything you need to know about American organic food and beverage brands is found on one convenient Grovara eCommerce platform.

How Grovara Helps UK Importers

The UK has always been one of the most robust markets for American goods, and that now includes American organic food and beverage products. During 2019, American businesses sold products to the UK valued at more than $70 billion. American exports to the UK increased by four percent in just one year.

Grovara can help your UK company start conversations with the right sellers. We put every American Better-for-You food and beverage brand through a comprehensive vetting process that ensures they operate with the right business model for selling natural food and beverage products to overseas consumers. You gain access to the documentation your company needs to follow the rules and regulations established by state and federal government agencies. We provide members of the Grovara eCommerce platform with helpful data that makes importing American health food and beverage products easier to do than if you tried buying the same products on your own without any supportive data.

Grovara helps you maintain current company registration paperwork and comply with customs and tariff laws that change rapidly depending on the economic climate. You can expect to receive data generated by SPINS, the preeminent data analytics service for both the buyers and sellers of Better-for-You food and beverage products. SPINS data provides your UK company with insights into the buying behavior of British consumers that purchase foods and beverages.

With hundreds of American brands to interact with on the Grovara eCommerce platform, your UK import company should discover the right ones to establish long-term business relationships. Here are a few American brands that have joined the Grovara eCommerce platform.

  • Bobo’s
  • Brad’s Raw Chips
  • Hellowater
  • Horizon Organics
  • Nativa
  • Nature’s Hollow
  • Sweet Candy Company
  • Swerve

As you consider importing natural, organic food and beverage products from the USA to the UK, learn about the Grovara eCommerce platform by submitting the online contact form or by calling 215-207-0967.