International Organic Product Selling Strategies

Are you interested in exporting your American Better-For-You food and beverage products and looking for international organic product selling strategies? Grovara has the answers you need and will help keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Grovara is making it easier for B2B buyers and brands to do business – from product discovery and sales to order processing, payments, and fulfillment. We will help you get export-ready in as little as 30 days and help you unlock sales in markets you never knew provided your brand with so many growth opportunities.

Benefits of Exporting

U.S. companies export more than two trillion dollars in goods and services overseas annually, and many of them are small or medium-sized brands just like you. However, nine out of ten American Better-For-You brands do not export, mainly due to the complexities and risks of international business.

  • More Customers: There are about 7 billion people globally, and 95% of them live outside the United States.
  • Global Demand: Buyers and consumers worldwide choose American-made products because of their reputation for quality and value. Why not take advantage of the strong USA brand to succeed in international markets?
  • Better Sales Potential: Exporting your goods can have a considerable impact on your bottom line. More customers lead to more sales and increased profits.
  • Less Risk: In the event of a slow-down or disruption in domestic sales, exporting will spread out your risk and help protect your business.
  • Higher Profit Margins: Specialty products, like natural and organic food and beverages, often face less competition in international markets and sell for higher prices.
  • Public Relations: Exports are a driver of many positive economic indicators—most notably, job growth.

How Grovara Can Help

Exporting your products to an entirely different country can be a complex process when you consider each country’s unique rules and regulations. Grovara is dedicated to bringing the best organic foods and beverages from the U.S. to the world with one easy-to-use platform.

Onboarding is simple. Grovara does not charge an onboarding fee for brands or buyers. Product registration documentation is streamlined, verified, and authenticated for In-Country Registration and customs clearance compliance. Your brand profile is a customizable digital sell sheet that highlights key product, brand, and company details all in one place.

After joining our growing portfolio of carefully curated American Better-For-You brands, your products will be placed in front of suitable buyers in your category.

Interested buyers will get in touch with you directly through the Grovara one-stop-shopping platform to initiate conversations, request samples, and place orders. Our end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model provides step-by-step instructions for brands at all parts of the process. Documentation required for export is generated in real-time on a per-order basis.

After narrowing down international markets that want to purchase your products, the Grovara team will assess strategies and logistical needs or hurdles you may face entering these markets – ranging from access to nearby ports to the use of climate-controlled containers. We even make international payment processing painless and centralized for American brands.

Get in Touch with Us

If your brand is looking for international organic product selling strategies, look no further than Grovara. You can learn more about our partners and market-leading processes by visiting our website. Schedule a demo using our online contact form, or call us at (215) 207-0967.