Organic Food Distributors

Do you manufacture organic food and beverage products in the U.S.? If you are seeking qualified distributors, Grovara can help you build your business and increase your profits with a minimum of headaches.

Grovara represents dozens of U.S. companies that manufacture Better-For-You food and beverage products and are looking for international distributors. We have established trusted relationships with global buyers, creating a perfect fit for the exported products of American brands, ensuring prime placements in markets and on shelves best suited for them.

We connect these brands with potential buyers to help them succeed in major markets around the globe where consumer demand for Better-For-You foods and beverages is on the rise.

Working with Grovara

Exporting can be a challenge, but Grovara facilitates global exporting and importing with a lightweight tech-driven platform that provides automation and intelligence-based tools. Here are just a few reasons to consider Grovara:

  • Simple Onboarding: Grovara does not charge onboarding fees for brands or buyers.
  • One-Stop-Shopping: Buyers explore products that interest them and connect with your brand directly through the Grovara platform to start conversations, request samples, and fulfill orders.
  • Rapid Sales: Our innovative platform can complete a transaction from a brand in four clicks and from a vetted export partner in three clicks. Buyers can purchase multiple brands in a single checkout session, easily reorder, and replenish by setting subscriptions based on SKUs and frequency.
  • Painless Payments: International payment processing is centralized and painless.
  • Simplified Export Documentation: The Grovara team helps streamline, verify, and authenticate export documentation for quick in-country product registration and customs clearance compliance.
  • Management Tools: Grovara offers a full suite of tools to help you manage your international B2B commerce. Order management is available right from your dashboard.

Working With Distributors

Finding the right wholesale distributor can help boost your business. Distributors can get your products onto retailers’ shelves quickly, but there are some things to think about before you get started.

First, ensure that your products are ready for market. Know the price points, how they will be packaged, and how you plan to supply the products if demand suddenly spikes. Distributors generally buy in bulk and resell the products in smaller quantities to local stores. They are not interested in representing products that are not ready to go.

When you work with distributors, you are selling directly to them and not to retailers or consumers. Some distributors may specialize in certain types of products, consumer demographics, or geographic areas. Don’t get discouraged if they are not interested in your entire product line.

Grovara would be proud to represent your brand. If you are looking for organic food distributors, Grovara will help you learn how to find them. Explore our market-leading processes by visiting our website. Schedule a demo using our online contact form, or call us at (215) 207-0967.