How Much Food Does the European Union Import From America?

Before the formation of the European Union (EU), sellers of American Better-For-You food products had to complete transactions with individual buyers from many different countries. The formation of the EU simplified business transactions for American organic food manufacturers, and the amount of food the EU imports from America is slowly growing. For buyers of American healthy food products, a convenient B2B eCommerce platform established by Grovara has simplified the buying process.

Since 2010, Grovara has offered buyers of American organic food products a streamlined platform for gaining access to natural foods that are not available domestically. The easy-to-use eCommerce platform consolidates every step of the buying process, including product discovery, order processing, payment facilitation, and the accurate fulfillment of product orders. Grovara, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, matches EU buyers with American Better-for-You food brands.

The formation of the EU and the emergence of the Grovara platform have increased sales for American food brands and opened markets for members of the EU that want healthy foods to match rising consumer demand. We offer unique tools to help EU buyers order American healthy food products. For example, our proprietary tool called Pallet Builder allows you to complete a transaction without calculating dimensions while you add bulk products.

How Much Food Does the EU Import from the United States?

In 2019, the EU imported more than $10 billion in agricultural products from the United States. The highest revenue-generating categories included soybeans, tree nuts, planting seeds, and prepared food. In August 2020, the EU Trade Commissioner and United States Trade Representative announced an agreement to reduce tariffs between the two governing bodies. The tariff reductions represented the first negotiated bilateral agreement in more than two decades. Reduced tariffs should spark an increase in the trading of American food products, especially those designated as organic.

Tap Into the Growing Grovara Marketplace

Digital technology has transformed the import-export industry. You no longer have to meet with several potential distributors in person or discuss business over the phone. The Grovara way of purchasing American Better-for-You food products involves joining an eCommerce platform that allows you to complete deals from the comfort of your home or office. Our team of import experts thoroughly screens each distributor to ensure you partner with the most reputable American organic food brands, such as:

Big Spoon Roasters – Produces made-from-scratch nut butters and snack bars from ingredients sourced from American organic farms.

Joolies – Cultivated to deliver healthy nutrients, this organic farm produces sweet Medjool dates and date syrups.

Chickapea – Purveyor of plant-based pasta made from organic chickpeas and lentils.

Waterloo Sparkling Water – Stored in BPA-free lined cans, the natural purified sparkling water contains no GMO ingredients.

Join the Grovara Platform

Grovara offers a streamlined eCommerce platform to consummate our EU customers’ deals with the most popular American Better-for-You food brands. Our import-export specialists do all the heavy lifting, which gives you more time to fine-tune your business strategies. We also make it easy for you to join the Grovara B2B eCommerce platform. You do not pay any onboarding fees to start enjoying the many benefits associated with leveraging technology for your import business.

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