How To Find International Buyers For Export

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Grovara helps exporters find international buyers by offering a convenient one-stop selling export experience. Starting with the product discovery phase, Grovara walks clients through a process that includes order processing, payment facilitation, and fulfillment.

Grovara has established itself as the leader in B2B exporting for Better-For-You American food brands in the international marketplace. When you access our one-of-a-kind exporting platform, you connect with retail and wholesale buyers that run their businesses as far away as halfway around the world. Our unique platform for matching sellers with buyers saves your company time and reduces the costs associated with finding buyers of your products.

We introduce your exporting business to international markets you never knew existed. Grovara is your long-term partner for expanding your health foods export business across the globe. Getting up to speed on our platform is easy to do. Once you start partnering with Grovara, we help you introduce your company’s organic products to the right buyers in the international marketplace. Every interested buyer connects with you directly to eliminate the middle man when you decide to do business directly with retailers.

How to Find the Right Markets for Your Export Company

Before Grovara connects you with new customers, you should understand how to find international buyers for your export business.

Which Markets Generate the Strongest Demand?

Conduct research to discover which international markets produce the strongest demand for your healthy, organic products. If you want to export sustainable seafood, China represents your most lucrative global market. Exporters of organic basmati rice should look at Iran as one country with a strong demand for this healthy food.

How Friendly is the Business Climate?

Stringent export regulations and a considerable amount of red tape can diminish the appeal of an international market that generates high demand for one or more of your ‍organic products. You should also consider the cultural and political climate of any country where you want to conduct export transactions.

Is the Market Profitable?

Your bottom line represents the most crucial factor for deciding where to sell your Better-For-You foods. You should determine the price a prospective international customer is willing to pay for your products. Then, factor in the costs of exporting your products through the global supply chain. Pay special attention to expenses such as freight, insurance, terminal handling, and export assistance schemes.

Why Should You Partner with Grovara

Eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple parties to move your Better-For-You foods from the United States to international markets. Our proprietary platform incorporates the most advanced technology to streamline the export process. Grovara offers access to a team of export specialists that analyze the global marketplace for every one of your products. This allows you to discover the right potential customers without spending as much time and money on research as your competitors spend.

Look at the one-of-a-kind Grovara export platform like a virtual trade show, where you interact with all your buyers at one location. The difference is you do not have to travel to one trade show after leaving another trade show. At Grovara, every tool, every resource, and every international market awaits your export business.

Here are some of the brands that partner with Grovara:

If you are interested in how to find international buyers for export, explore Grovara’s partners and market-leading processes by visiting our website. Schedule a demo using our online contact form or call us at (215) 207-0967.