Organic & Natural Food Brands In the USA

If you are a buyer of American organic and natural foods, Grovara offers you a streamlined solution for finding the right retailers and wholesalers. We simplify the buying process to make it easier for buyers to find popular Better-For-You food brands in the USA. You can discover wellness food products, process food orders, facilitate payments, and ensure accurate fulfillment from one convenient B2B eCommerce platform.

Within a few months, we get you import-ready to give your company access to hundreds of highly-rated American Better-for-You food products.

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has revolutionized the import and export industries. Our virtual trade show is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Instead of dealing with several parties, Grovara handles every phase of the buying process. We carefully screen potential retailers and wholesalers for you, which gives you more time to grow your business.

In as few as four keystrokes, you can form a partnership with one of the popular American healthy food brands.

Why You Should Import American Natural and Organic Products

Forecasts surrounding the demand for organic food products appear to be strong moving forward in the 21st century. A growing number of health-conscious consumers have turned their attention to the United States to purchase all-natural food products. Research demonstrates that consumers worldwide want to consume nutritious foods that promote clean eating.

Globalization has transformed the way we eat, with the Internet connecting buyers and sellers that live halfway across the globe from each other. Grovara has leveraged the globalization model by creating an eCommerce platform that allows a buyer of organic produce in Indonesia to connect with a distributor that operates an organic produce business in Denver, Colorado.

Opening your product portfolio to natural food products from the United States can save you money in production costs. American health food companies operate efficiently to wring out the waste that many organic food companies continue to deal with in global markets.

The Grovara Marketplace Lineup

Grovara has attracted a portfolio of the most reputable organic and natural American food brands.

  • Arrowhead Mills – Offers organic grains, cereals, nut butters, and baking mixes as a trusted baking brand.
  • Brad’s Plant-Based – For customers who want to eat healthy foods, our American organic brand lineup staple uses kale and other heart-healthy vegetables to make delicious snacks.
  • Cleveland KitchenProduces fermented foods that use natural ingredients in pickles, dressings, and marinades.
  • True CitrusFruit powder-based beverage mixes and juice alternatives.

These are just a handful of the options for our American organic and natural food brands.

Getting Started with Grovara

The onboarding process at Grovara takes little time, and we do not charge onboarding fees for buyers or distributors. You gain access to our proprietary global marketplace to discover new products and manage the buying process. We receive category and product insights from SPINS, the leading consumer data and analytics provider in the United States. You immediately start conversations with American organic food product distributors when you access our eCommerce platform. All of the information Grovara provides is available from your customized dashboard.

Grovara is committed to remaining the leader in the import-export industry. Learn how your company can find the right organic and natural food brands in the USA by calling us at 215-207-0967 or submitting the short Contact Form.