How To Sell Organic Produce To Distributors

Selling organic products to international distributors presents several challenges, with logistics posing the most critical problem. You want to find an overseas distributor that knows how to maintain the freshness of natural food products such as organic produce despite traveling thousands of miles to reach the most lucrative markets.

What if we told you that your company could build a long-lasting business relationship with a reliable distributor by working from an all-purpose digital eCommerce platform created by the import-export experts at Grovara.

A New and Improved Way to Look at Selling Organic Produce

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara provides sellers of organic produce with a convenient eCommerce platform to build professional relationships with international distributors. From a distributor discovering your organic produce products to ensuring the accurate fulfillment of every order, you have to log on to the popular Grovara eCommerce platform to conduct business with overseas distributors located as far away as Egypt and Indonesia.

The Grovara eCommerce platform has attracted the most popular better-for-you food and beverage brands.

Preparing Your First Order for Shipment

Making a positive first impression on an international distributor is crucial for building a long-term business relationship. The first order requires a substantial amount of detailed planning and the development of the lines of communication that keeps your business relationship intact for years to come.

This is where Grovara comes in.

You and the distributor agree on a transaction schedule that works best for both parties from our eCommerce platform. Because you are selling organic produce, you and the distributor should expect to complete several transactions a month because of the short lifespan of organic produce and the long-distance the organic produce must travel.

The Grovara eCommerce platform allows both parties to agree on transportation protocols, including sharing written directions to help the international distributor find the right export location. In addition, you explain in detail the conditions the distributor should create to ensure the delivery of the freshest organic produce for an overseas market.

Grow Your Overseas Business with Grovara

Signing up to access the Grovara platform represents the most effective strategy to sell your organic produce in the global marketplace. The onboarding process includes creating a digital sell sheet that you can customize to meet your selling criteria. As a result, you can emphasize the key advantages of buying your organic produce and present a company profile on one convenient eCommerce platform.

Our never-ending mission to connect natural food brands with international buyers includes the use of analytics and order management tools that help your brand stay on top of every business partnership. From one eCommerce platform, you discover new markets to penetrate for your better-for-you products, process orders, and ensure every transaction meets the buying criteria of an overseas distributor.

Grovara’s Expansion into Mexico

Grovara recently expanded operations in Mexico by moving into a new office and hiring more staff to meet the growing demand from retailers in the country and all across Latin America. In addition, in 2021, Grovara increased online global marketplace sales by 75% at the height of the pandemic, with Mexico and Latin America representing nearly 40 percent of the growth in healthy food sales.

As we continue to revolutionize the global organic marketplace, the import-export specialists at Grovara encourage you to learn more about our eCommerce platform by submitting the short online form or by calling us at 215-207-0967.