Importing USDA Organic Labeled Groceries from the USA

When importing USDA organic labeled groceries from the USA, partnering with, Grovara, the leading eCommerce platform provider for healthy food and beverage products, is the ideal solution.

Consumers worldwide have changed their eating and drinking habits over the past ten years. They have become much more health-conscious, which translates into increasing demand for organic food and beverage products. Many international consumers no longer want to consume food and beverage products that contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, and growth hormones. How do the global buyers of Better-For-You foods meet the rise in demand from consumers?

An Overview of Grovara

Determining that the old-school way of buying and selling natural food products no longer made sense, Grovara launched its revolutionary eCommerce platform in 2010 out of its Philadelphia, Pennsylvania headquarters. The old-school method involves going through a broker and attending live trade shows. Both importing and exporting strategies take a considerable amount of time and money.

What if we told you there is a better way to meet the increase in demand that you have for American organic food and beverage products?

Grovara does not operate as a broker. Instead, we offer access to an advanced eCommerce platform that acts as a virtual trade show for the buyers of organic food and beverage products. You understand the time commitment you must make to travel the globe to attend trade shows. The Grovara eCommerce platform brings the buyers and sellers of Better-For-You products together in one convenient online marketplace. You have to complete the short onboarding process to start interacting with the most popular American natural food and beverage brands.

Labeling American Organic Food and Beverage Products

How does the American government define organic food and beverage products? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established the strictest guidelines for labeling natural food and beverage products than the guidelines set by any other country throughout the world. Suppose you are a buyer of Better-For-You food and beverage products. In that case, you can expect the USDA seal of approval for defining organic to remain consistent for every type of food and beverage category. The USDA considers several factors for approving a food or beverage as organic, including soil quality, presence of additives, and pest and weed control techniques.

To receive the USDA organic label, produce cannot grow in soil that contains any substances banned by the USDA. Banned substances include pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The prohibition of dangerous chemicals also improves the ecosystem by preventing chemicals from leaching into the ground and running to large bodies of water. According to the USDA, meat receives the organic seal of approval when the animals raised for meat live in natural conditions. The USDA approves the organic label for beef if the cattle raised to produce the beef graze on open pastures.

Get Started Today

You will want to join an eCommerce platform managed by a company that withstood the worst the COVID-19 pandemic had in store for businesses worldwide. Grovara did not just tread water during the pandemic. We increased our sales by around 75 percent in 2021, with nearly half of the increase in sales coming from our partners operating in Latin America.

If your company is interested in importing the best USDA organic labeled food and beverage products from the USA, Grovara is the way to achieve your business goals. Contact us by calling 215-207-0967 or by submitting the online form.