Overseas Agents for Exporting Food

For many Better-For-You brands, selling organic food and beverage products overseas involves working through an agent or a distributor. Knowing the difference in the roles between the two export professionals can help you make the right decisions. When you partner with Grovara, you gain access to a cutting-edge eCommerce platform and receive advice on how to maximize the services provided by an expert agent.

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara introduced a revolutionary eCommerce platform that has forever changed the import-export industry. Our one-stop eCommerce platform is a virtual trade show that brings together organic food buyers and sellers worldwide. If your Better-For-You brand is ready to expand into overseas markets, registering for the Grovara onboarding process gets you up to speed in no more than 30 days. In less than a month, you start conversations with potential buyers located in international markets across the globe.

How Does an Agent Differ From a Distributor?

Unlike distributors, agents typically do not purchase your natural food and beverage products. Instead, they act as your brand’s sales representative in global markets. Agents take orders for your brand while you take care of the delivery of organic food and beverage products. Your brand is also responsible for invoicing international customers and collecting payments. When you start accessing the many tools offered by the Grovara eCommerce platform, you can establish the logistics for every order you need to deliver overseas.

Most agents operate on a commission basis, which means their success is tied to your success. Receiving a percentage of each sale represents a highly effective motivational strategy to help your brand increase sales in international markets you might not have ever penetrated. On the other hand, distributors assume the risk of selling organic food and beverage products by purchasing the products from organic food brands.

Leverage Grovara’s Analytical Tools

Grovara has established a long-term partnership with SPINS, the leading American provider of data and analytics involved in assessing the viability of entering international markets. SPINS specializes in analyzing the trends within the organic food and beverage industry in global markets. You receive growth trend reports, which provide you with the data to determine the sales potential your organic food brand has in countries as different as Norway and India.

Grovara offers tools that help organic food and beverage brands examine the competition operating in the overseas markets where they want to penetrate. Our team of import-export experts has spent eight years identifying more than 5,000 buyers that work in international markets. The proprietary Grovara buyer network survey pinpoints exactly where your healthy food brand has the best opportunities to increase sales. Our comprehensive logistics reviews establish a system of delivering Better-For-You food and beverage products on time and under budget.

Get Started Today

Imagine not having to spend time meeting potential buyers at trade shows or working through a broker to increase your brand’s sales. When you register for the Grovara eCommerce platform, you start conversations with buyers you would not have otherwise met. You can send samples to potential organic food buyers through the Grovara eCommerce platform. From one convenient location, you also process orders, confirm sales transactions, and ensure the accuracy of fulfillment requests.

Get started today using the revolutionary Grovara platform to find overseas agents for exporting your food products. Call our headquarters at 215-207-0967 or by submitting the short online form.