Selling Organic Goods to Overseas Customers

Natural food and beverage products enhance health and provide eco-friendly benefits for the environment. According to research studies, the demand for American organic goods grows with each passing year. As the American market for Better-For-You food and beverage products reaches peak demand, the sellers of healthy food and beverage products should look to overseas customers for markets in the early stages of growth.

Turn to Grovara

Selling organic food and beverage products overseas used to mean you had to find a broker who introduced you to potential buyers. Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has dramatically changed the broker model for selling and buying Better-For-You products. Instead of meeting different brokers representing different overseas markets, Grovara operates outside of the traditional broker model by offering our customers a convenient eCommerce platform to meet prospective international buyers of organic food and beverage products.

We look at our revolutionary eCommerce platform as a virtual trade show. After you complete a quick onboarding process, you gain access to an eCommerce platform that matches the sellers and buyers of natural food products. You no longer have to attend several trade shows a year to meet potential buyers. Grovara’s eCommerce platform introduces you to organic food and beverage buyers at one location.

What Defines American Organic Food Products?

Organic food sellers offer products that rely on natural substances and biologically-based farming methods. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines certified organic foods according to the guidelines established by the federal government agency. Some of the guidelines set by the USDA for determining organic food and beverages include soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and using additives to prolong shelf life

It is critically important that you sell only organic food and beverage products that have received the official USDA certification seal. Most buyers of American organic food and beverage products want to see the seal of approval from the USDA.

Discover the Grovara Way

The simple onboarding proves offered by Grovara does not cost any money. After completing the onboarding process, you immediately connect with the global buyers of healthy food and beverage products. The Grovara eCommerce platform allows your brand to start conversations with buyers and process orders, complete transactions in real-time, and ensure the accuracy of fulfillment requests. Our eCommerce platform also allows buyers to request samples from your organic food and beverage product inventory.

In addition to our technological advantage, Grovara also helps the sellers of Better-For-You food and beverage products learn about the different customs, tariffs, and regulations implemented by countries located as far away as halfway around the world. We simplify export documentation to ensure you comply with the trade standards established by each nation where you conduct business. The Grovara eCommerce dashboard sends important notifications and provides you with access to an order management tool.

As the leading American provider of consumer insights, SPINS provides Grovara with the information our sellers need to reach international markets.

Start Onboarding Today

If your American organic food and beverage brand is ready to expand overseas, enrolling to access the Grovara eCommerce platform connects you with customers that demand your products. By spending less time searching for buyers and completing transactions, you free up more time to develop new organic food and beverage products.

To learn more about the Grovara way, call 215-207-0967or submit the brief online form.