Organic & Natural Food Distributors in Peru

From the splendor of natural beauty to the historical significance of ancient ruins, Peru offers both residents and visitors a rich culture steeped in century-old customs and traditions. Peru is also home to a fertile market for exporting better-for-you products. Located thousands of miles from the southernmost point in the US, finding organic and natural food distributors is often difficult, especially if your brand follows the standard strategy for selling your products in overseas markets.

Following the standard distribution strategy of wellness overseas involves connecting with different brokers to reach consumers in different markets. The process requires a considerable time commitment and substantial financial resources. Whether you speak with brokers over the phone or attend a South American trade show, following the standard strategy to connect with healthy food distributors in South America can be cost-prohibitive.

Grovara offers a much more effective strategy to build long-lasting business relationships with organic food distributors operating out of Peru.

Attend Virtual Trade Shows

What if we told you that Grovara offers a way for you to attend international trade shows without you having to leave home? Since 2010, Philadelphia-Pennsylvania-based Grovara has provided a groundbreaking eCommerce platform that brings together exporters from the US with international distributors of better-for-you food and beverage products. By logging in to your Grovara account, you immediately gain access to distributors in Peru and throughout the world. You can start conversations with several distributors from Peru in real-time and on the same day, process orders, complete sales transactions, and prepare fulfillment requests.

Enjoying all the benefits of joining the Grovara eCommerce platform requires a commitment of fewer than 30 days. After registering your company, the free Grovara onboarding process thoroughly prepares your brand to reach target markets located in Peru. The Grovara onboarding process introduces your brand to several digital tools that simplify the export process. For example, Grovara has simplified the export documentation process, which gives your company much more time to focus on marketing your organic food products overseas.

More Than a Matchmaking Service

Although Grovara is known for connecting organic food exporters with distributors worldwide, we provide many more services for our global partners. Our team of export specialists helps exporters identify the competition in Peru and measure the potential demand for wellness products shipped from the USA. We ensure your brand follows the international standards for packaging natural food and beverage products and discover the optimal prices that maximize demand to produce healthy profit margins. One of the keys to success in penetrating the Peruvian organic food and beverage market is obtaining a keen understanding of the cultural differences between the US and Peru. Grovara helps our partners learn about cultural differences to create a smooth international trade relationship with Peruvian distributors. Your brand also receives constant updates concerning the changes in custom compliance and the latest logistical information, such as describing where the supply chain bottlenecks have developed overseas.

Grovara offers a self-service eCommerce platform that our partners use to achieve their mission to go global with their organic food and beverage products. We have recruited hundreds of brands from the USA, and recently, Grovara has added a few exporters from other countries to our proprietary eCommerce platform.

Here are just a few brands that have joined the Grovara eCommerce platform: 

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