Top Food & Beverage Exports From the United States

How does a global distributor discover the top food and beverage exports from the United States? Do you follow the traditional import model by working with different brokers to reach different international markets? For example, you sign an agreement to import organic almonds from the United States through a broker located in San Francisco. However, to import a natural tea blend from the United States, you must work with a different broker out of New Orleans. Working with different brokers to consummate export deals takes considerable time.

Another time-consuming part of importing better-for-you products from the United States involves attending trade shows around the country. For example, one week you might attend a wellness products exhibition in Boston and travel across the United States the next week to meet exporters from the US in San Diego. Attending trade shows is a great way to meet the representatives of wellness brands from the United States. However, attending trade shows costs you both time and money that your company can better utilize for other marketing projects.

As a buyer of healthy food and beverage products, how do you tap into the United States market while not having to follow the traditional import model? The answer lies in a revolutionary eCommerce platform developed by the import-export specialists at Grovara.

How Does the Grovara eCommerce Platform Benefit Your Import Company?

Distributors worldwide have spent years trying to discover the most cost-effective way to start conversations with organic food and beverage brands from the USA. In 2010, Grovara introduced a cutting-edge digital platform that makes it much easier for importers from overseas markets to meet organic food and beverage brands from the United States. Grovara meticulously reviews the professional credentials of every potential partner that applies to join our one-of-a-kind eCommerce platform.

We ensure every partner complies with the standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for defining the organic label. Our partners must exceed the standards required by the USDA and meet the guidelines that define organic foods and beverages. When your import company registers for the Grovara eCommerce platform, every wellness brand from the USA has qualified to conduct business with overseas distributors. All your company has to do is complete a free onboarding process, which lasts no more than 30 days.

After you complete the Grovara onboarding process, you immediately start conversations with one or more of the hundreds of natural food and beverage brands operating in the United States. Here are just a few world-renowned, better-for-you brands from the United States that have joined the Grovara eCommerce platform.

You probably think, “What is in it for my global import company?” The Grovara eCommerce platform is much more than a way to start conversations with wellness brands in the United States. Our digital tools allow you to meet potential partners and then process orders, finalize sales transactions, and verify the accuracy of fulfillment requests, all within the same business day. For example, suppose you submit an offer to purchase organic pasta from one of our partners in a time zone located halfway around the globe. In that case, the Grovara registered exporter responds to your submission in real-time while you sleep the night away.

The Grovara eCommerce platform is the most convenient and, by far, the fastest way to cut deals with organic food and beverage brands from the United States. Find the top food and beverage exports by calling our headquarters at 215-207-0967 or submitting the Contact form.